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Written Testimonials

Raymond Held

By October 29, 2020December 3rd, 2020No Comments

Raymond H. is an 8-year-old autistic boy who came to visit us this year. Before his treatments, Raymond was extremely quiet during our first couple interactions and did not make eye contact. We could tell from how he clung to his mother that he was very uneasy when it came to new spaces with new groups of people. Once in the chamber alone with his mom, his comfort level rose, and became hyper with spurts of loud outbursts while playing with his toys. Both parents explained that this was normal to see.

From our recorded information over Rayomonds 40 sessions, and from the intimate daily interactions between himself and his mother, both parties witnessed positive growth. From the technician and data gathering side of Raymond’s treatments, the first major change to happen right away was his energy level. From recorded numbers, Raymond was a solid 5-6 on a scale of 1-10. At the end of 40 treatments, this specific area had peaked around 8-9. The second noticeable change that occurred within the first 4-5 treatments was the extension of sleep throughout the night to a high of 8 hours.

Add-ons to our data collection included “Distraction/Defiance/Anxiety/ADHD-Hyperactivity.” During the first 10 dives, every single one of these categories was at its’ own high. These numbers came out to a 6 or an 8 respectively. Then there was a serious jump come the second round of 10 treatments. All numbers associated decreased to either a 4 or a 2. This was incredible considering this all fell under the time frame of a week and a half. Finally, we had the third and fourth rounds of 10 treatments where these numbers sat at around 1-4.
From conversing with Raymond’s mother, we got to see through her own eyes the new developments blossoming within the boy. During the third week, notable changes were: Acceptance of change/Interest in change/More self-control/More responsibility/More on task. By the end of that week, and continuing onward till the end, we would regularly hear: “He is communicating more, and appears to be happier! Raymond is not bothered by changes and has been reading. Another interesting thing is that he has been very interested in exploring nature. Problem-solving has also become a new daily interest.
After Raymond’s 40 sessions, we could tell that the boy had become extremely confident when it came to engaging with the staff and explaining his thoughts. He would walk apart from his mother or father and would look us in the eye while conversing. Outbursts were nearly non-existent, and a new calm and confidence had washed over the boy. We were all very touched to see Raymond’s three-week transformation.

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