Hyperbaric Treatment for Veterans

Hyperbaric Health & Wellness Foundation is proud to offer a comprehensive Hyperbaric Treatment Program for deserving veterans struggling with TBI and PTSD.

This program has been made possible through generous grants from the “Arlene and Michael Rosen Foundation” and the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation“.

For those traveling from outside the Sun Valley area, we can provide lodging.
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Our Troops:

1.64 million US Troops have been deployed to support operations in Afghanistan and Iraq alone. About 20% of returning service members meet criteria for either depression, Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Currently more then 7 million veterans are facing challenges due to PTS. These severe medical conditions could interfere with the ability to live a normal life, to be part of a family or do their job. For some the symptoms get so intense that they don’t see any way out. This results into at least 22 Veteran Suicides Every Day, That’s close to 8000 veterans per year taking their own lives.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) offers a treatment method to treat TBI and PTS and it’s proved to have been very successful among veteran patients. These treatments have life-altering success and results in a better quality of life. The US department of Veterans Affairs made some HBOT treatment available to only a very limited group of veterans. US Civilian Clinics step up and offer HBOT Treatment for all qualified veterans in need.

Free Veterans Hyperbaric Program:

The Hyperbaric Health and Wellness Foundation designed a special Veterans Hyperbaric Program for veterans suffering from TBI and PTS. According to Brain Health & Healing Foundation ALL the DoD/ VA and ARMY sponsored studies have consistently shown an improvement in symptoms and cognitive deficits from baseline measures. This program is of- fered at no cost to veterans that meet the criteria.

Included in the Veterans Hyperbaric Program:

  • Up to 40 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments
  • Intake and exit interviews
  • Consultation with local Physician
  • Consultation with local Counselor
  • 3, 6, 12 months follow up
  • Assistance in finding additional care if needed

The therapy consists of breathing 100% oxygen under pressure which saturates the body’s tissues and reaches damaged areas that had lacked blood supply and oxygen.

With repeated treatments, the oxygen flow stimulates the body’s healing processes and allows most patients to experience rapid recovery of cognitive and neurological functioning without surgery or drugs.

Veterans Punch List for Treatment:

Compliance Requirements:

  • A prescription for Hyperbaric Treatment. If you don’t have one, contact Dr. Nancy Parry 208-622-3180 for an exam.
  • Baseline psychological exam with Cecilee Heath. Contact Cecilee Heath at 208-309-3161 or cecheath@yahoo.com
  • Diagnosis of TBI and/or PTS
  • A copy of your DD 214
  • ANAM test – We will administer this at Hyperbarics of Sun Valley. Please contact us to schedule at 208-928-7477
  • Completed release forms and compliance agreement at our facility.
  • Scheduled treatments (One per day for 40 days, or two per day for 20 days). We will help you schedule these at our facility.
  • If you’re coming from out of the Sun Valley area, we can arrange housing for you. Please contact us if this is needed 208-928-7477

**For veterans out of town, we offer the use of a 2 bedroom apartment at a marginal cost**

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What can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy do for you?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy demonstrates a significant drop in TBI and PTS related symptoms and suicidal ideation among military personnel, according to a study published in Medical Gas Research. HBOT was found to be safe and significantly effective for veterans with mild to moderate TBI. Many patients experience strong reductions in:

Headaches in quantity and intensity
Pain in joints, back and arms
Body shocks
Brain fogBlack outs
Medications (anti-depressants, anxiety, pain)

Many patients experience strong improvements in: 

Sleep patterns, Energy levels, Memory capacity, Ability to focus and Feeling of well being