Hyperbairc Health & Wellness Foundation

Vision • Mission • Objectives



Our vision is to restore and enhance people's health both physically and mentally and therewith creating a better life for them and their families.


Restoration and Enhancement of Health, Wellness and Quality of Life through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and appropriate medical and cultural modalities.

Our Objectives

• Facilitate and offering financial assistance for hyperbaric treatments to deserving veterans.
• Make hyperbaric treatment affordable to individuals struggling with mental and physical health challenges.
• Offering a holistic health and wellness approach, providing durable outcomes with no side effects.
• Fixing the root cause of patients' health conditions.
• To assist in gathering and supplying scientific viable data to help prove the benefits of Hyperbaric oxygen treatments.


We work together with 'Hyperbarics of Sun Valley' to find the best possible treatment plan with the most desirable and lasting outcomes.

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