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Written Testimonials

Wren Murray

By November 21, 2020December 3rd, 2020No Comments

I was privileged enough to get the opportunity to go through 40 treatments at Sun Valley Hyperbarics. It was a positive experience from the moment I arrived. The staff that runs the program is top-notch. I was talked into going to get this done from guy on my old team who had great results. I came into this program with residual effects lingering from getting blown up a couple of years ago. This program was probably the best single thing I did for my mental and physical health since I was injured. My headaches were significantly reduced/removed. I used to have headaches that would painful and make me extremely light sensitive. My light sensitivity overall also was reduced. It also helped me focus and sort of organize what was going on inside my head. I also had nerve damage in my right arm from shrapnel which was significantly improved. They used testing software to track progress with eye movements which also made significant improvements. I also was able to get off of all of my medications whereas before I would need to take Adderall to be able to get my day going and to focus at all. I was also taking Prozac for mental health which I also stopped. It wasn’t a magic bullet bet it definitely made it bearable to get off these medications. All of these benefits have helped my quality of life for sure. I was worth the time hands down. Not to mention all of the veteran’s programs and outdoor activities that were available during the treatments. I would recommend renting the upstairs apartment, deleting social media, and really enjoy the time well spent up there.

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